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Who we are?

Look at media differently, be exposed to the best films, television and media works in history from all over the world and learn what makes a film or media project great. Be equipped to explain a film’s impact from emotional and critical perspectives. Assess and discuss a range of media practices and productions including social media, news media, new media, sound art and augmented reality. In addition, you will also make your own films and media. By the end of your Cinema l Communications Profile studies, you will have a solid foundation in film and communication studies.

Graduates are well prepared for university studies in Media, Communications, Journalism, Cinema Studies, Film Production, Animation and the Arts.

Some possible future careers include filmmaker, film editor, film producer, communications director, journalist, cinematographer/videographer, podcast producer, writer, designer and translator.

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Paratech’s are essentially assistants for any projects or assignments that you have been given and can give you tips and trick for filming or editing your work


Due to the current state of the world, equipment can be requested online to use for any class or personal projects you may have.


If ever you need assistance for certain cinema aspects, you can always view the wide range of tutorials listed while asking a teacher or paratech.

Media Night

The cinema and communications biggest event, where you and your friends can watch films that students made throughout the year.


A good place to look if ever you need files either distributed in class or sent by Lea that can make your project run much smoother

Audio Lab

A good place to look if ever you need files either distributed in class or sent by Lea that can make your project run much smoother


Media Night

Come watch and support cinema and communications biggest event put on every semester by local classmates.

Submit Your Work

Media Night is an event where you can submit the films you have been working on through the semester so why not try submitting it and watching it with the rest of the department

Support your Classmates

This event is put on a random class each semesters and while is fun to attended, its also requires a lot of work behind the scenes

Win Prizes for Yourself

At the end of each event, prizes are given out the those whose films impacted the audience and judges who watched.