Winter 2011


Stencil Tutorial – Karl Perks (2:22) [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Oh Canada –Patricia Granato (0:52) [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Peace, love and paper birds-Nadime Rahimian (2:12)

Cube defies the laws of physics –Charlotte Forbes (1:07)

Old man: A Leonard Cohen Tribute – Shannon Deer and Natacha Girouard (2:56)

Battle lines-Cassandra Woods (1:35)

Teach you me- Cassandra Woods (0:55)

Cellulite Boogie – Daniel Petersen Escobedo (0:49)

Four Brain Quarters – Marion Lévesque-Albert (3:53)

Nightshift – Jeamel Capulong and Cong Le (1:44)

Snake’s 8-Bit Odyssey –Matt D’Amours (0:57)

A Tribute –Matt D’Amours (2:25)

Change in love- Sarai Gamliel (1:36)


Bunk Brothers – Ian Sheldon & Lan Sinha (4:16) [FIRST PLACE WINNER]

The Poster Project –Thomas Dalbec (4:00) [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Life line- Casandra De Masi (3:58) [HONORABLE MENTION]

Confessions of a Compulsive Shopper – Olga Nikolayenko ( 3:00)

How to get the girl of your dreams – Patricia Leblanc and Fidjie Martell ( 3:22)

Animals were harmed in the making of this video – Geoffrey Boom (3:16)


Oils – Alex Weiner (4:25) [FIRST PLACE WINNER]  [BEST SOUND] 

Mourning Winter-Sammy Halimi (3:00) [SECOND PLACE WINNER] 

Self-portrait –Adrian Vaktor (2:00) [HONORABLE MENTION] 

Landslide- Shane Maxwell Kalinowicz Patricia Leblanc Steph Turner Celeste Bronfman-Nadas (3:23)


“+”-Catherine Gelinas (4:02)  [FIRST PLACE WINNER]

Freeze frame – Tim Mackenzie (3:05) [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Le Kiss- Sammy Halimi, Naomi Schecter, Chelsea Harrisson, Daniel Silva (3:20) [HONORABLE MENTION]

Wrong Step- Sarah Papadopoli (2:09)

Midnight treat- Eric Dubois (2:51)

Trying- Amanda Addey-Jibb (2:50)

Like Magnets –Fhad Sheik (2:06)

Evan’s girl – Adam Abouaccar (3:50)

Further- Veronica Romano and Katherine Brown (3:00)

Long Distance –Chloe Stuart-Ulin (4:50)