Mosaic: an online website/exhibit showcasing interactive media, photography, audio, and other student work


Mosaic is an online website/exhibit showcasing the diverse media arts created by Dawson students enrolled in Cinema & Communication courses each semester. At the end of each semester, a group of students assembles a website which contains selected media projects created throughout the term. Often, there is also a physical opening where projects—both physical and digital—are shown.


Fall 2023

The date and time will be announced soon. Student works will be shown in 3A1, 3B6 and 3B13 as well as online.

The website for the Fall 2023 Mosaic will be launched soon. 

Submit to Mosaic

Any student taking a Cinema-Communications class at Dawson can submit the work they’ve done in the class. Students are invited to submit creative media works which they produced during the Fall 2023 semester, to be showcased at MOSAIC, an online and onsite media exhibition. Student projects may include original Posters, Photography, Zines, and other media formats are welcomed. 

To submit to Mosaic, please fill out the form below. The deadline to submit for the Fall 2023 Mosaic is Sunday, December 3rd at noon.

Mosaic Submission Form


Previous Mosaic Websites

Mosaic websites from previous semesters can be found here: