Winter 2013


Massachusetts Avenue, by Naomi Silver-Vezina 3:15 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Catch Up With The End, by Anthea Cotignola 1:49 [HONOURABLE MENTION]

The Shoe-aunting, by Derrick Adams 3:59

Lovestruck, by Brenda Lopez 0:49

Dying Swan, by Trevor Bourke 0:53

There is Only Today, by Dion Wang 1:35


Nostalgie d’innocence, by Sandrine L’Eriger 4:12  [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Concrete Constellations, by Alexander Kozina 1:58  [HONOURABLE MENTION]

Virtually Ever After, by Melina Sayegh,Sandrine L’Eriger, Sherrie Orr 3:24  [BEST SCRIPT] 

An Artist’s Journey, by Evan Loft 4:00

Firefly, by Kheanna Walker, Gerardo Alcaine, Emily Berard 3:57

Who We Are, by Annabelle Picard 4:42

La Compagnola: Family Platters by Cristina Sanza, Gentile Strati, Melissa Woo 4:04

Arc-en-Ciel d’Afrique, by Giovanna Olmos, Zachary Manocchie-Masse 4:00

Abraham Seed Ministry, by Elisha Scoot 5:04


Myosis, by Johanna Taar 2:11

Anguish, by Zynor Majeed 3:13

Each Feeling, a Second, by Nicholas Sourias 4:00

How to Remember, by Beatrice Scarf-Pierzchala 2:09

Exposed, by Amelie Boucher, Benjamin Tracy 1:57

I’m Not Pretty, by Annie Hunting 2:05

On Adore Tea Time, by Alex Stein-Tremblay 2:03

Rebirth, by Beatrice Scharf-Pierzchala 2:09

Medusa Perception, by Angel Galindo 2:14

Quickie, by Zynor Majeed 1:01

How To Disappear Completely, by James Bourque 1:04

Flooded Doorways, by Shanice Bernicky & Aleck Black 1:48

Elle, by Mellissa Federique & Sandrine L’Eriger 3:13

Vente de Garage, by James Bourque 1:15


Deep Carole, by Jeremy Hervieux 5:30 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Jack Deals with Death, by Jack Zeppetelli. Beatrice Scharf-Piezchala 2:46 [SECOND PLACE WINNER] 

Wish for Another World, by Reid Hannaford 2:45 [HONOURABLE MENTION]

Insidiae, by Schael Marceus 1:54 [BEST UNDER TWO MINUTES]

One Day by Alejandro Parja 2:00 [BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY]

Chasing Tails, by Geoffrey Barber 2:00

Love Thy Neighbour, by Zynor Majeed 1:56

Vengeance Sucree, by Jeanne Lavoie 2:10

The Silent Keys, by Jennifer Pedrazza 2:00

The Texters, by Alexander Kozina 1:00

Tout Seul, by Olivier Boivin-Carrier 1:04

Missing, by Nina Severa 1:04

Growing Pain, by N.Khan, K. Mehari-Meles & B.Cuccovia 4:15

Liber Datreeist, by Jeremy Hughes 4:00

Ink and Increment, by Igor Gryb. Dexter Lavery 3:45

Üsvüs, by Gabriel Fizer 1:51