Winter 2012


Pest Control, by Brian Cuccovia 3:25 [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Framed, by Cong Lee and Joelle Cyntrynbaum 1:51 [HONOURABLE MENTION] 

Farine Five Roses, by Marc-Anthony Cadieux 1:20 [BEST SOUND] 

Timmy, by Matthew Orsini 3:55

Paradise, by Erica Parente 1:36

The Story Beneath The Story, by Rachel Selby and Alexandra Eschweiler 3:58

Au79, by Sean Humphrey 0:43

Just Add Water, by Jazmine Darragh 0:29

The Rights Of A Child, by Eric Dubois 1:16

A Fishy Idea, by Brigitte Dionne 0:48


Just Be, by Alex Stein-Tremblay and Nina Severa 3:55 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Self-Documentary, by Erica Parente 4:12 [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

The Drama Generation, by Sarah-Nicole Bolduc and Stephanie Rao 4:55 [HONOURABLE MENTION] 

Santropol Roulant, by Annie Hunting 4:18

Bottle Rocket, by Eric Dubois 1:15

Jean-Carl Bouche: Actor, Screenwriter, Director, by Melina Sayegh 4:12

Know Time, by William MacKenzie 2:52

Five Six Seven, by Stefanie Broos 3:36


Letting Go, by Marco Fortin and Kate Borck 1:09 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Dropped, by Sarah Beer 1:35 [SECOND PLACE WINNER] 

Performance, by Adam Abouaccar 3:00 [HONOURABLE MENTION]

Let The Wild Things In, by Gabriel Favreau 2:29 [JURY PRIZE] 

The Fall, by Eric Dubois 0:59

Monster Factory, by Dimitri Kyres 3:53

Backwords, by Geoffrey Boom 1:44

Trains, by Sarah Lake 3:16

Mark, by Liam Callou 0:38

Chronique de l’Eveil, by Sarah Beer 2:33


This Is I, by Terry Chiu 4:58 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

US, by Laura Marin 3:32 [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Clockworks, by Adrian Vaktor and Terrance Richard 4:23 [HONOURABLE MENTION] 

Leaking Faucets, by Megan Lauzier and Alex Chatelain 4:38 [BEST SCRIPT]

Mask, by Lucas Piecaitis 4:45

Sunday INC, by Olga Nikolayenko 3:33 

Pica, by Eric Dubois 4:10

Break Away, by James Bourque 2:50

Child’s Play, by Marco Fortin, Chris Dahdah, Dimitri Kyres, and Stefanie Broos 3:53

Drift, by Zynor Majeed 2:13

Hollow Dinner, by Ashutosh Gupta 4:13

Sine Anima, by Geoff Boom 3:57

Joyride, by Alex Pace 4:09