Mosaic Spring 2024

This semester, students submitted a number of excellent media projects, in digital, physical, and hybrid forms. In total, 18 works were selected to be featured in the exhibition. This semester, student art focused on a diverse range of topics and themes, and delved into artificial intelligence (AI), gender and body image, nostalgia, community, family, and more.


The following awards were given this semester:

  • Most Impactful
  • Best Technical Execution
  • Best Website
  • Best Physical Object 
  • Best Visual Imagery
  • Best Storytelling 
  • Best Interaction Design

The Winners

This semester’s exhibition showcases the creativity and hard work of Dawson College students, featuring projects that reflect a deep attention to detail and engagement with important contemporary themes. The displayed works include websites, photography, journalism, and handcrafted art objects, each demonstrating unique perspectives and technical skills. The work below provides an opportunity to explore how students have combined traditional and digital mediums to create impactful and thought-provoking pieces. 

Most Impactful: “Twisted” by Sofia Scroggins-Hadley 

t w i s t e d from Sofia Scroggins on Vimeo.

From the artist: “Twisted explores body dysmorphia – a condition that manipulates one’s perception of self. This project aims to unveil the viewpoint of an individual grappling with this life-altering condition. It validates their experience by giving the viewer insight of the inner workings of their mind and twisted perception. It depicts the feeling of being a guest in your own body, loneliness, and frustration through mixed media animation. The mediums and techniques used help translate the meaning to the piece.


Best Technical Execution: “Darwinism and The Artificial Sapiens” by Omar Sameh Mohamed

Darwinism and the Artificial Sapiens (website)

From the artist: “Exploring evolution through the lens of Darwinism as artificial intelligence emerges as a species on Earth.

Best Journalism / Virtual Magazine: “The Dead Future” by Gabriella Raimondo

The Dead Future

From the artist: “A digital interactive magazine on google slides that contain scripts, short stories, music, photography, poems, and paintings. They compare human art to art generated by AI, by having half the work created by me, and the other half was put into AI platforms.”

Best Website:  “Sex robots!!!” by Amélie Gomila

Sex robots!!!

From the artist: “A multimedia website exploring the ethical implications of AI in porn and how it represents the human body.”

Best Physical Object: “In Memory of My Best Friend” by Natasha Assaad

In Memory of My Best Friend

From the artist: For my project, I am going to be addressing themes of childhood, and wishing you could hold on for longer. I will be addressing this by making a physical box with an audio story. I will be making an audio story about losing a “best friend”, which will be a metaphor for losing your childhood. The box will contain this friend, which is a wilted flower. I will decorate the box like a little room for the flower, or a coffin for the flower, trying to represent the death of childhood, and not being able to do anything to stop it. 

Best Visual Imagery: “Lost Soul” by Ellowyn Stanton

Lost Soul

From the artist: “A digital journal with a collection of diary entries from a fictitious young woman who struggles to find her place in the world and in her self. The last entry is shown in the form of an experimental short film.”

Best Storytelling: “Aswan” by Omar Sameh Mohamed


From the artist: “Using graphic design, photography, design and illustration, a young woman sets out to repair her severed Egyptian roots when the unexpected death of her father leads her to discover a collection of photographs taken at various stages throughout his life.”

Best Interaction Design: Maude’s Diary by Victoria Cadieux:

From the artist:  “I decided to create Maude’s Diary to highlight the sexism our society has taught AI and how it could greatly affect us in the long run. Specifically, this project focuses on Deepfakes and their effects on young girls when they are used as a revenge or as a sexist way to “prank” them. The game consists of an interactive “diary controller,” which is supposed to represent the diary of a fourteen year old girl named Maude. The player has to interact with the diary in some way to trigger a story Maude wrote about in her diary to be read. Maude starts out very happy, but begins to become sadder and sadder, until the player learns that Maude has had Deepfakes posted of her online by classmates at school. The game ends showing that these types of stories are true, with sources, research, and parts of my manifesto included in the physical “diary controller.” This game came to life because I, as a woman, sometimes fear what could happen to me and others knowing the disgusting amusement some people get from sexualizing women and possibly ruining their lives, careers or self-esteems by posting them in fake sexual situations.”

Other Projects Included in the Winter 2024 Mosaic

EROTICAI by Delia Markus: “EROTICAI is an interactive project that incorporates aspects of video, audio and photography in order to speak on the hypersexualization of the female body through the lense of artifical intelligence. It is an exploration of what has passed and what is to come, and through different ‘artifacts’ which focus in on seperate aspects of the body it hopes to give its audience an intimate and raw experience as they navigate this important topic.”
50/50 by Annie Devon: “‘50/50′ is a video essay that addresses the devastating effects of AI in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Through her own footage, found and AI generated footage and the narration of a Russian-Ukrainian woman, she explores some of the consequences of online AI generated content as well as the use of AI in weaponry.”
Earl Magazine by Juliette Perreault: “The Earl Magazine is a print made to enrich your knowledge and pique your interest on different topics. ‘Earl’ comes from the traditional English black tea  ‘Earl Grey’; the editorial team’s favourite beverage. This magazine is meant to give you the same warm feeling you get from drinking a hot cup of tea on a cold winter evening. We aspire to engage our readers in interesting and accessible reads on subjects that reach most adults. Sit back, relax, and steep your mind into this first issue on fashion. (The final project has been printed and is in a physical standard magazine form)”
Familiar Park by Glen Sadiku: “A zoetrope with images of someone using a swing in a park. The overall zoetrope is connected to a small music box, so as the zoetrope turns the music activates creating an immersive screenless experience. I used the medium as sound and photography to address themes such as childhood and foreign memories, creating a parallel between blurry memories from the past and the realization of where you are now.  This work aims to reconsider the nature of our childhood memories and portray the fragility of fake memories through familiar immersion construction.”
Don’t Worry, I’ll Still Call by Rio Gordon: “A traveler’s message to home in the form of a 4 minute fictional phone call playing out of a handcrafted rotary phone”
Wendigo by Vincent Beauregard: “A visual story telling art piece about the ravages of industrial expansionism on nature and how one sided and taxing our relationship is with nature.”

I Love You Very Much Forever by Megan Elkouby: “Multimedia piece consisting of three layers: base(canvas&cyanotype prints), projection(short video), music. Theme: my relationship with peace and myself, others, nature. Interconnectedness.”

Nude by Amélie Gomila: “Non linear website recounting the story of a woman who slowly looses her skin as she falls in love.”
Double Life by Alice l’Arrivée: “A series of my photographs through my final year at Dawson that represent how photography, outside of my Cinema and Communications studies, has helped me throughout it. In a way I’ve felt I’ve been leading a “double life,” studying in the day, running to shows in the evening or walking around during breaks or weekends and practicing my photography. This is a collection of pictures throughout the months that represents my growth and is an homage to the help this medium has brought me.”