Fall 2012


Imago, by Naomi Silver-Vézina 1:07 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Ah Montréal, by  Marc Cadieux and Alex Chatelain 1:17 [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Icky Sticky Cacophony, by Trevor Bourke 1:29 [HONOURABLE MENTION] 

You’re It, by Suraiya Nukhuda 1:01

A Killer Meal by Schael Marcéus, Margot Hadaya and Sophie Feng 1:09

Circle, by Catlin Santori and Jenna La Torella 1:16


Scatterbrain, by Julian Darby and Gabriel Fizer 4:14 [FIRST PLACE WINNER] 

Dechets Gastronomiques, by Olivia St. Jacques 4:21 [HONOURABLE MENTION] 

Dawson’s Club Spaces, by Nazeer Khan 4:00 

Auditions, by Claudia Restagno 1:58

Break Point, by Elsa Schlemm 1:06

Them Old Records will be saving your Soul, by Jeanne Lavoei 3:52


Sensus, by Alex Pace and Anne-Marie Desjardins 4:21 [FIRST PLACE WINNER]

Hatch, by Bea Scharf-Pierzchala 2:47 [SECOND PLACE WINNER]

Aura, by Alex Stein-Tremblay and Amélie Boucher 2:42  [HONOURABLE MENTION]

Burn + Breathe, by Claudia Restagno 1:01

Girls Eating Bananas, by Rachel Fergunson 3:08

Daddy I’m Cold, by Jeremy Hervieux 1:03

Surreality, by Naissa Waiche 3:04

Ineterminatis, by Angel Galindo, Annabelle Picard, Elisha Scott

Light Nights, by Ashutosh K. Gupta 1:33

Farewell, by Julie Lacourciere 1:20


And Then…, by Ashutosh K. Gupta 4:20 [FIRST PLACE WINNER, BEST SCRIPT]

A Glimpse of Her, by James Bourque 1:10 [SECOND PLACE WINNER] 

Times Up, by Annie Hunting 1:03  [HONOURABLE MENTION] 


Choices, by Nawfal Zamani and Eric Bindman 4:59 [BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY] [BEST DIRECTING] 

Hammer, by Annie Hunting and James Bourque 2:01

Drained, by Dwight Petrovic 1:07

Stains, by Sarah-Nicole Bolduc and Marco Saveriano 2:48

Tank, by Paulo Gonzales, Cinzia Abbate 2:14


Never Let Go, by Angel Galindo, Annabelle Picard, Elisha Scott  4:49

Root, by Zach Silberberg  4:39

Never Let Me Go, by Lianne Barnes 2:15

Thrashed Life, by Ryan Faulconbridge 3:26